About Michelle

Originally from Avon, Indiana, I came to the Bloomington area to attend Indiana University. While at IU, I met and married my husband who is from Monroe County. Hearing of Unionville’s great community and exceptional elementary school, we moved to Benton Township in 1996 to start our family.

When our two children were younger, I was involved in many activities such as being a Girl Scout leader, Cub Scout leader, and Unionville PTO Treasurer. As the kids got older, I continued to be involved in their activities. I was heavily involved in local competitive swim teams year-round, including serving in various officials’ roles for both home and away meets. I was also involved in the Bloomington North Band Programs, heading up the Chow Wagon (cooking meals for marching band competitions) and coordinated an ongoing major fundraising program for many years.

I work full time at Indiana University as an IT Business Analyst and part time as the Benton Township Trustee. I also volunteer at Area 10 Agency on Aging, the Unionville Cemetery Association Board, and serve as Treasurer for the Democratic Women’s Caucus. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, camping, and hiking.

My Start in Politics

I became interested in Township government in 2010 when the Herald-Times newspaper had several articles reporting on possible theft and rampant nepotism by the Benton Township Trustee at that time. I was very disturbed and upset that our hard-earned taxpayer funds might be used inappropriately. Wanting to hold our officials accountable, I started going to Township Board meetings and educating myself on the responsibilities of this office. When a second State Board of Accounts audit was published in 2012 confirming the allegations and my predecessor resigned, I knew that I had to be part of the solution thinking that I would serve on a committee. Little did I know that I would be caucused into this position and spend the next 12+ months working with the State Board of Accounts, the FBI, the Indiana Attorney General, and a Special Prosecutor to resolve all the various issues and damage that was caused.

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