Hi, I’m Michelle Bright and

I’m running for re-election as Benton Township Trustee.

Why I’m running for office

The Township Trustee is responsible for providing assistance to those experiencing hardship (township assistance), the care and maintenance of abandoned cemeteries, resolving vegetation complaints, and other minor duties as set forth by Indiana law.  Michelle has the experience, compassion, and dedication to continue serving Benton Township residents into the next term.


Michelle has brought integrity back into the Benton Township Trustees office. She has demonstrated that she is a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars for more than 10 years while serving as the Benton Township Trustee.

  • Maintains a balanced budget and demonstrates fiscal responsibility.
  • Upholds transparency and integrity within the office of Trustee (anti-nepotism, updated township policies).
  • Maintains blemish-free State of Indiana audits.
  • Follows all mandated reporting requirements for more than 20 different agencies.  

If re-elected, Michelle will continue to maintain the highest level of professionalism for the Trustees Office. 


Michelle cares for our community and is compassionate in helping our friends and neighbors when they are experiencing hardships. 

  • Supports local programs such as the Unionville Senior Center, Danny Smith Park, and the Unionville 4-H Hot Shots.
  • Provides financial assistance for essential services such as to prevent eviction and disconnection of utilities as well as help with food, medicine, clothing, school supplies, and some funeral costs.
  • Tailors assistance to individual situations by connecting residents with a variety of local resources.  Each and every situation and family is unique. 
  • Offers additional assistance to applicants who would like to apply for other services (SNAP Food Stamps, State Energy Assistance, State Rental assistance, Section 8 Housing, etc.).
  • Supports a limited food pantry which is available to assist with immediate needs.
  • Honors local history by restoring, reviving, and maintaining cemeteries.

If re-elected, Michelle will continue to improve the lives of Benton Township residents in a compassionate and helpful manner.


Michelle remains highly dedicated to the residents of this township, taking the responsibilities of a public office seriously.

  • Adheres to the highest level of professionalism, ethics, and transparency in our business processes, including internal controls and anti-nepotism policies.
  • Available for after-hours appointments such as early morning, evening, and weekend times.
  • Available to travel to a resident’s home for assistance applications or to provide notary services.
  • Maintains a dedicated phone line for Township residents for security and privacy.
  • Maintains Township website with meeting schedule and approved minutes for better accessibility of information.
  • Attends regular continuing education classes to stay current with changes that affect township residents. 
  • Networks with other township trustees to look for ways to improve Benton Township.

If re-elected, Michelle will continue to promote integrity in local government by being accessible and staying up to date of matters affecting the township.

This website funded by Michelle Bright for Benton Township Trustee.